Hampton Court Re-Roofing Project

Another Tory's Roofing Project

Hampton Court Association Re-roofing Project overview

Job Name: Hampton Court

Type of Roofing Installed: Solaris Gold AB

General Contractor: Tory’s Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.

Total Squares: 1942 SQS.

Job Description: Removed the existing Architect 80 Shingles from 22 buildings and Clubhouse and replaced it with Certainteed Solaris Gold Algae Block Fiberglass Shingles. This project was approximately 194,200 sq. ft. All installation on each roof was done according to manufacturer specifications as required to receive manufacturers warranty. Complex received a 7 watertight guarantee from Tory’s Roofing and a 50 year Manufacturer guarantee.

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