Harbor Center Commercial Roofing Project

Another Tory's Roofing Project

Harbor Front commercial roofing project

Harbor Center Building #2: Carlisle TPO

Square Footage: 790sq

Building #2 scope of work: Reroof commercial building with Carlisle 60 mil TPO single ply membrane mechanically attached approx. 83,500 sq ft.  Install new 1-1/4 EPS plute filler insulation and 1/4 dens deck board mech. Attached to metal deckingwith 8 fasteners per board.  Install new Carlisle 60 mil TPO single ply membrane mech. attached to every other purlin using 4″ retro driller fasteners and piranha plates spaced 12 inches on center.  Install new wood nailers at peremter.  Clean all debris caused by reroofing.  Guaranteed watertight for 7 years.

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