Metal Re-roofing project

Another Tory's Roofing Project

Metal Re-roofing project from tory's roofing

Job Description: This was a complete reproofing of existing main roof approximately 3,800 sq. ft. We tore off the existing shake roofing materials and disposed of. Nailed down new TechShield OSB Treated wood sheathing over house. Installed attic fans for client which required building curbing. Installed roofing underlayment. Installed drip edge flashings. Installed new Shurlock Aluminum Standing metal roofing. Installed hip and ridge and valley flashings. Installed flashed pipe boots. Cleaned up all debris at the completion of job. This project received a 7 year watertight guarantee from Tory’s Roofing.

Type of Roofing Installed: Aluminum Standing Seam Roofing

Total Squares: 38 SQS.

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